Football Flyer
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Football Sideline Cape

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Description of the Football Sideline Cape:

The Sideline Cape features velcro closures with reinforced pellon interfacing, oversized helmet hood, waterproof coated nylon shell, inside "muff" pockets lined with thermal fleece..

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Available options for the Football Sideline Cape:
Shell Fabrics Coated nylon
Lining Fabrics Thermal Fleece (Many colors)
Colors Colors available for Coated Nylon
Sizes Youth Lg, Adult L-XXL
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Capes are not just for football. Our soccer and Lacrosse capes are the perfect solution for keeping your athletes warm on the sideline during those rainy and cold days of competition. We do not recommend capes for spectators. Our swim parkas make ideal spectator garb for those looking for extra length and protection from the elements. For more information:

Call 800-596-6355

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